Batch Study#

class pybamm.BatchStudy(models, experiments=None, geometries=None, parameter_values=None, submesh_types=None, var_pts=None, spatial_methods=None, solvers=None, output_variables=None, C_rates=None, repeats=1, permutations=False)[source]#

A BatchStudy class for comparison of different PyBaMM simulations.

  • models (dict) – A dictionary of models to be simulated

  • experiments (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of experimental conditions under which to solve the model. Default is None

  • geometries (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of geometries upon which to solve the model

  • parameter_values (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of parameters and their corresponding numerical values. Default is None

  • submesh_types (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of the types of submesh to use on each subdomain. Default is None

  • var_pts (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of the number of points used by each spatial variable. Default is None

  • spatial_methods (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of the types of spatial method to use on each domain. Default is None

  • solvers (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of solvers to use to solve the model. Default is None

  • output_variables (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of variables to plot automatically. Default is None

  • C_rates (dict (optional)) – A dictionary of C-rates at which you would like to run a constant current (dis)charge. Default is None

  • repeats (int (optional)) – The number of times solve should be called. Default is 1

  • permutations (bool (optional)) – If False runs first model with first solver, first experiment and second model with second solver, second experiment etc. If True runs a cartesian product of models, solvers and experiments. Default is False

create_gif(number_of_images=80, duration=0.1, output_filename='plot.gif')[source]#

Generates x plots over a time span of t_eval and compiles them to create a GIF. For more information see pybamm.QuickPlot.create_gif()

  • number_of_images (int, optional) – Number of images/plots to be compiled for a GIF.

  • duration (float, optional) – Duration of visibility of a single image/plot in the created GIF.

  • output_filename (str, optional) – Name of the generated GIF file.

plot(output_variables=None, **kwargs)[source]#

For more information on the parameters used in the plot, See pybamm.Simulation.plot()

solve(t_eval=None, solver=None, save_at_cycles=None, calc_esoh=True, starting_solution=None, initial_soc=None, **kwargs)[source]#

For more information on the parameters used in the solve, See pybamm.Simulation.solve()