Plot Voltage Components#

pybamm.plot_voltage_components(solution, ax=None, show_legend=True, split_by_electrode=False, testing=False, **kwargs_fill)[source]#

Generate a plot showing the component overpotentials that make up the voltage

  • solution (pybamm.Solution) – Solution object from which to extract voltage components

  • ax (matplotlib Axis, optional) – The axis on which to put the plot. If None, a new figure and axis is created.

  • show_legend (bool, optional) – Whether to display the legend. Default is True

  • split_by_electrode (bool, optional) – Whether to show the overpotentials for the negative and positive electrodes separately. Default is False.

  • testing (bool, optional) – Whether to actually make the plot (turned off for unit tests)

  • kwargs_fill – Keyword arguments, passed to ax.fill_between