Scipy Solver#

class pybamm.ScipySolver(method='BDF', rtol=1e-06, atol=1e-06, extrap_tol=None, extra_options=None)[source]#

Solve a discretised model, using scipy.integrate.solve_ivp.

  • method (str, optional) – The method to use in solve_ivp (default is “BDF”)

  • rtol (float, optional) – The relative tolerance for the solver (default is 1e-6).

  • atol (float, optional) – The absolute tolerance for the solver (default is 1e-6).

  • extrap_tol (float, optional) – The tolerance to assert whether extrapolation occurs or not (default is 0).

  • extra_options (dict, optional) – Any options to pass to the solver. Please consult SciPy documentation for details.

Extends: pybamm.solvers.base_solver.BaseSolver