Welcome to PyBaMM’s documentation!

Python Battery Mathematical Modelling (PyBAMM) solves continuum models for batteries, using both numerical methods and asymptotic analysis.

PyBaMM is hosted on GitHub. This page provides the API, or developer documentation for pybamm.


PyBaMM is available on GNU/Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Using pip

GNU/Linux and Windows

pip install pybamm


brew install sundials && pip install pybamm

Using conda

PyBaMM is available as a conda package through the conda-forge channel.

conda install -c conda-forge pybamm

Optional solvers

On GNU/Linux and MacOS, an optional scikits.odes -based solver is available, see Optional - scikits.odes solver.


Detailed examples can be viewed on the GitHub examples page, and run locally using jupyter notebook, or online through Binder.


There are many ways to contribute to PyBaMM:

Before contributing, please read the Contribution Guidelines.